TOR: Development (or Supply) of a Dynamic and Versatile online Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting System for Act! (REF: ACT-MSD-05-2023) – Kenya

1.0 Background

Act Change Transform (Act!) is a not-for profit non-governmental organization that was established in Kenya in September 2001 and registered under the provisions of Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act of 1990. With an organizational vision of empowered communities living productive lives in dignity, Act! focuses on building the capacity of individuals and communities, thus empowering them to get involved in the decisions and management of their own development. Act! is currently implementing several donor funded development programmes anchored around three broad programmatic areas; i) Peace Building and Conflict Transformation, ii) Democracy and Human Rights, ii) Environment and Natural Resources. In addition, Act! is implementing its 5 years strategic plan (2020-2024) with an array different milestone to be achieve annually.

2.0 Objectives of the Proposed Task

Act! is interested in an online Monitoring. Evaluation, Reporting and Learning (MERL) System with inbuilt results framework, M&E implementation matrix, data collection tools, a Geo-referenced Information System for data collection on locations of various activities, indicators and targets that will be designed and developed to be used as a basis for measuring the program activities performance and an M&E data dashboard for viewing program or organizational results on short notice. The goal is to digitally capture all aspects of day-to-day and periodic programs operations at various stages including planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting on a continuous basis in order to ensure effective operations and achievement of program and strategic plan outcomes using data-driven decision-making processes.

3.0 Tasks

A cloud-hosted solution is required with a server setup for the applications and databases. The systems and tools to be implemented will include:

3.1The Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting System (MER)
The dynamic M&E system will capture and track all planned, ongoing and completed activities, as well as, maintain and track the indicators that those activities are being reported against (within the work plan period). The following system features are therefore desirable but may include more:
a) Setup and Tracking of multiple projects and activities,
b) Tracking of indicators at both project and activity levels,
c) Manipulation and generation of detailed and accurate reports at project and activity levels in response to different audiences and needs,
d) A user friendly interactive online dashboard to show progress in key strategic indicators;
e) Visualize active project/activity locations via maps and GIS.
f) Capable of remote linking with online data entry tools.

3.2 MER Framework
The service provider working with the programme and Act! MERL team will develop a detailed M&ER framework in excel format informed by the Theory of change for the Act Strategic Plan and for each program or project. Key components will include:
– Intervention level and results – Impact, outcomes, outputs, activities
– Indicators and Indicator definitions
– Data source(s),
– Frequency of collection,
– Data Reporting (baseline and schedule/routine),
– Targets setting and tracking
– A performance aggregation system (dashboard)

The MER section will mirror the data flow process from collection to reporting. The results framework will identify all data required to measure the results at different levels and will be a key input in the development of baseline tools and subsequent monitoring tools.

3.3 GIS Component and Data Collection
The M&E system will be integrated with data collection using mobile phones and mobile apps (preferably kobo collect). The automated GIS will be accessible online to all permitted users enabling data viewing, analysis and decision making in real time. Monitoring tools will be developed to collect routine data. Again, these tools will be automated (phone linked) to enable data transmission to the cloud server in real time. These will minimize paperwork, delays in data collection and analysis, field travel costs and minimize human errors.

The GIS & Data Collection module in the MER system at the minimum should include the following features and capabilities:
a) A Form Builder for designing surveys, questionnaires and checklists
b) Mobile app (Kobo) for data collection and submission
c) Dashboard for analysis and summarized reports

4.0 Scope of Work
An integrated and dynamic online Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting (MER) System that included project management, activity tracking, performance measuring, data collection, reporting and data analysis capabilities (tested and validated by verifiable users) that will be setup and customized for Act! use to integrate the strategic plans, programmes and projects. The tasks will also entail the actual set up of a cloud-based server for Act! (accessible both on and offline) that will host the MER system, its applications and associated databases. It should provide user management for multiple offsite users such as partners of Act! and staff in the field.

5.0 Expected Outputs/Deliverables
i. An inception report highlighting understanding of the assignment, including proposed system framework/structure and hardware requirements;
ii. Submit a user guide and conduct training for all program staff on the use of the system and use the training lessons to produce an improved guide;
iii. End user (Programmes, MERL and IT staffs) testing acceptance and testing report;
iv. System customized to Act! requirements deployed while checking elements of usability (user friendly), controls and confidentiality, among other aspects of a quality a good and functional system;
v. Act! virtual private server and the M&E and data collection systems with online access of systems set up;
vi. Complete systems configuration and customization in accordance to user requirements with demonstrable system inputs and outputs such as reports;
vii. A final implementation report after deployment and full rollout of the M&E system and key staff trained on the management and use of the system.

6.0 Duration of the Assignment
The consultancy is expected to take a maximum of 30 days commencing 20 March, 2023. These include the preparatory phase, development and training. The final deliverables should reach Act! by 6th May, 2023.

7.0 Reporting and Supervision
The consultant will work under the overall supervision of the Act! M&E Advisor with support from IT staff. The deliverables will be assessed against the provisions of the scope of work set for the assignment.

8.0 Consultancy competencies, experience and skills requirements

The Consultancy firm or team of individuals with the following qualifications.
• A master’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. Relevant ICT professional post graduate qualifications and certifications.
• Sector (Industry) qualifications and experience in M&E, statistics or a related field with over 5 years of relevant experience in development and setup of digital MER Systems;
• Evidence of capacity to develop management information systems and digital M&E tasks; by providing experience in at least three (3) similar assignments;
• Demonstrated knowledge on GIS, geo visualization and infographics;
• Previous experience and good comprehension of the operations of NGOs including programming and M&E;
• Experience in a national setting with national or international organizations is an asset;
• Fluency in the English language is required.

9.0 Assessment and Selection Procedures

Qualified individual experts or institutional suppliers or consultancy firms are required to submit the following in response to this TORs;

1. A five-page proposal to Act! interpreting the terms of reference and elaborating the consultancy methodology and design, level of effort required to fully deliver the assignment, and with a work plan and budget for undertaking the assignment with separate Itemized costs under: (a) Professional fee per day, (b) logistical Costs.
2. Brief overview of consultant Team /consultancy firm and the skills and experience they would bring to assignment.
3. CV of consultant or CVs of team members– maximum 3 pages or a Company/firm profile.
4. Contact details of three referees from organizations that have recently contracted the consultant/s to perform similar or related work for the last 2-3 years.
5. Sample report of the consultancy work.

How to apply

Submission on the Expression of Interest/Responses to TORs

All proposals should be submitted electronically in (PDF format) to quoting the reference number ACT-MSD-05-2023 on the e-mail subject line. The same should be submitted not later than 05:00 PM (East African Time) Wednesday 15th March, 2023.

All materials to be developed under this assignment are property of Act! and may not be reproduced under any circumstances.

Act! is an equal opportunity employer with zero tolerance to corruption

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