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Solidaridad Network is an international solution-oriented civil society organization working through eight regional expertise centres to transform markets to make them more sustainable and inclusive. Our eight regional expertise centres include Asia, Eastern and Central Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, Southern Africa, South America, West Africa and our global Secretariat in the Netherlands. Solidaridad Eastern and Central Africa, one of the regional centres, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with country offices and programmes in Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. We bring together supply chain players and engage them with innovative solutions to improve production, ensuring the transition to a sustainable and inclusive economy that maximises the benefit for all. We facilitate strengthening of local capacity in developing countries, support the creation of enabling environments for economies to thrive, and improve market access.

2.0 Purpose

As part of our reform agenda of ensuring efficiency and effectiveness as far as procurement is concerned Solidaridad aims to streamline its procurement processes and operations through its Tender Evaluation Committee(TEC) team. This assignment aims to build the capacity of the TEC members through training across the East African offices. The training will take place in Mombasa county in Kenya.

2.1 Background

Procurement remains a critical component in the success of organizations. For firms to thrive, they should strive to gain competitive advantage by saving costs as well as ensuring that customers get value for money for the products or services provided by firms. This can only be achieved through organizational capacity building, training and mentorship as well as incorporating efficient procurement systems, structures and processes. Firms need to be responsive and efficient while serving its target clients.

It is against this backdrop that Solidaridad wishes to strengthen its procurement function by critically analyzing its existing nature and enriching it further.

2.2 Expected Project Outcomes

  1. Build capacity of the Tender Evaluation Committee to ensure that efficiency and effectiveness in the organization’s procurement activities is observed.
  2. Trained staff with capacity to streamline procurement practices within the organization.
  3. Improved procurement processes and operations within Solidaridad with a focus on the current tender documentation, TEC systems and procedures.

2.3 Objectives of the service

To equip the tender evaluation committee members in Solidaridad with the relevant skills, knowledge and expertise required to facilitate a transparent, credible and cost-effective procurement process that delivers value for money for the organization.

2.4 Methodology

The capacity building exercise is expected to be done through face-to-face training of theTEC Members. The training will include but not limited to topical instructions, case studies, practical exercise and group discussions among the participants.

Equally, the consultant shall be expected to review the TEC systems, procedures and documentation in collaboration with the TEC members and present recommendations on how best to improve the procurement process within Solidaridad with particular reference to the tender documentation currently being used by the organization.

2.5 Responsibilities of Consultants/Scope of Work

The consultant is expected to design training materials for nine participants alongside the representative(s) of the TEC team, facilitate the execution of the said training while covering all the topical areas as will have been agreed with the client.

In addition, the consultant will conduct a thorough review of the available tendering processes and procedures within Solidaridad and make clear suggestions pointing out areas of streamlining.

2.6 Deliverables

  1. Inception Report for the procurement training.
  2. Presentation of training methodology to Solidaridad team in an inception meeting and later incorporate suggestions in the final inception report.
  3. A draft report of the procurement training for feedback and comments from Solidaridad participants involved.
  4. A final report on the procurement training including the recommendations and way forward as agreed upon with the Solidaridad team.

2.7 Expert/Consultant’s Profile:

Consultancy firms/companies with verifiable work in conducting procurement training(s) and who fulfill the following requirements are encouraged to express their interests.

      • Demonstrates an understanding of the procurement technical aspects in relation to the assignment.
        – Has been part of a similar engagement e.g., procurement training and capacity building and was able to fully deliver.
        – Education background. A MUST have minimum academic post graduate qualification in Supply Chain Management and or professional training in this field or an equivalent of a minimum of a Postgraduate qualification in Management Sciences. Experience in development work in procurement and supply chain management or operations management is a plus.
        – Provide prior experience supported by capability in practical application of different procurement training tools and methodologies or specific tools needed to accomplish the assignment e.g., analytical tools.

2.8 Consultancy Period:

Activities and Deadline

1. Interested parties should submit a Technical and Financial proposal

Budget proposals should NOT include logistics costs (accommodation, communications and meals) on 17th March 2023

2. Decision on selected consultant – only selected candidates will be contacted on 21st March 2023

3. Inception report and meeting on 3rd April 2023

4. In-person training on 12-14th April 2023

5. Submission of the draft training report on 21st April 2023

6. Submission of the final training report on 28th April 2023

How to apply

Application process:

The consultancy firms/companies are required to submit an EOI containing a statement on the candidate’s experience with similar assignments, curriculum vitae, financial proposal and work plan by the 17th of March 2023.All applicants must meet the minimum requirements described above, those unable to meet the requirement will not be considered.

Each EOI submission should be not more than 5 pages minus the CV(s) and include the following:

  • A brief proposal for the assignment with methodology and work plan.
  • A sample/samples of previous related work.
  • A financial proposal with a budget with breakdowns of different costs involved, to the finer detail. Budget with aggregated figures will not be accepted.
  • Updated CVs for the team leader and team members (each CV not more than 2 pages).
  • Contact details of 3 references with complete contact information (i.e., name, organization, title position, address, email, telephone).

Submissions are by email to procurement.eca@solidaridadnetwork.orgwhileaddressed to:

Attn: Managing Director

Solidaridad Eastern and Central Africa Expertise Centre

Kilimani Business Centre, Kirichwa Road,

P.O. Box 42234 – 00100 GPO


Note: Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification and only successful candidate will be contacted*.*

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