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World University Service of Canada (WUSC) – is a leading Canadian non-profit organization in international development, committed to providing education, economic opportunities and empowerment opportunities that improve the lives of millions of disadvantaged youth around the world.

Displaced and Refugee youth Enabling Environment Mechanism (DREEM) project

WUSC, through the DREEM project, plays a unique role as a technical assistance and strategic learning partner to the Mastercard Foundation and its partners. The DREEM project, a 5-year initiative, contributes to the Foundation’s commitment to meaningfully include refugee and displaced youth in their Scholars Program and Young Africa Works initiatives.
Through DREEM, WUSC will contribute to the Mastercard Foundation’s strategy development for its new refugee and displaced youth strategy and in creating a network of transformative leaders – inclusive of refugees and displaced youth, especially women – driving equitable socio-economic transformation in Africa.

There are three key pillars to the Displaced and Refugee youth Enabling Environment Mechanism (DREEM) program:

a. Support Scholars Program (SP) partners and staff with the knowledge, capacity and networks to meaningfully recruit and serve refugees and displaced youth in higher education and transition to work and to work towards more inclusive societies;
b. Support Young Africa Works (YAW) country partners and staff in Kenya to gain the knowledge, capacity and networks to meaningfully include and develop programming that meets the unique training and employment needs, opportunities and aspirations of refugee and displaced youth, especially young women;
c. Strengthening Economic Opportunities for Refugees (SEOR) provides refugee entrepreneurs, especially young women, with improved access to market-oriented business support services that improve business and employment outcomes in Kenya.
Background of the case study

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program envisions a transformative network of young people and institutions driving inclusive and equitable socio-economic change in Africa. The Scholars Program partners with higher education institutions to provide opportunities to African youth. At least 70 per cent of the young people who benefit from the partnership will be young women, while 25 per cent will be displaced or refugee youth, and at least 15 per cent will be young people living with disabilities. The goal of this case study is to creatively capture one Scholars Program partner’s efforts and achievements in expanding access to higher education for refugee and displaced youth in Africa through the Scholars Program to ensure their learnings and experiences can inspire other partners with the inclusion of forcibly displaced youth in their programs.

The story will cover everything from the policies this university hasey’ve put in place to include refugees and displaced people (RDP) in the Scholars Program, to the effective outreach events they’ve held in multiple countries and any other strategies that have so far contributed to their success. This partner has been deliberate in its recruitment of RDP scholars. Their recruitment team have visited refugee camps and communities on their own and have also joined all WUSC-organized outreach missions. To ensure inclusion, they have implemented significant policy changes (e.g., rolling admissions for RDP students). This documentary will showcase the ways they have worked to include RDP scholars, as well as the impact it has had on the Scholars Program and on their campus.
By using the Scholars Program partner as a case study, other Scholars Program partners will gain insights on how they can use comparable approaches to realize similar success and efficiency in including RDP youth in the Scholars Program at their respective institutions. The documentary should also be able to illustrate the experience of Refugees and Displaced youth in the program, and stories on their transition to work through internships. Finally, the documentary should also highlight the DREEM project’s impact in terms of collaborating with partner institutions to improve refugee inclusion in the Scholars Program.

Call for Consultancy Services
World University Service of Canada (WUSC) invites competent Production Companies to submit Expressions of Interest for consultancy services to produce this 10-minute documentary, which will have at least two (2) abridged versions.

The scope of the assignment

  • Conduct interviews with key university staff who have contributed to the successful inclusion of RDP scholars.
  • Conduct interviews with selected scholars to discuss their experiences throughout the recruitment process and how this opportunity has impacted their lives.
  • To highlight the Scholars Program’s impact on RDP youth and the importance of expanding access to refugee communities.
  • To highlight the impact of WUSC’s technical assistance on Scholars Program partners.
  • To highlight the importance of inclusive policies in refugees and displaced people (RDP) inclusion.

Assignment focus
The consultant shall:

  • Develop the documentary script and storyboard to be used in shooting and production of the documentary.
  • Collaborate closely with DREEM’s Senior Project Manager and Communications Officer to understand what is expected of the documentary’s final outcome.
  • Go on a reconnaissance mission (recce) to the shoot location to map out the best places to conduct interviews and shoot the necessary B-roll.
  • Coordinate with the interviewees and plan when to conduct the interviews.
  • Hold pre- and post-production meetings with WUSC focal points to finalize all production elements.
  • Use artistic knowledge to enhance and compose shots while on location.
  • Before delivering final products, present a draft documentary to WUSC for review and feedback.
  • Take feedback into account and present the main documentary (5-8 minutes) and two (2) shorter abridged versions of the documentary to WUSC as directed by the Communications Officer.

After the contract is signed, the consulting arrangement will be in effect for 30 days. The process includes meetings with the WUSC team during pre-production, production, and post-production.

Working Arrangement
When the contract is approved and signed, the consultant will receive 40% of the total cost; the remaining 60% will be paid once the documentary has been satisfactorily produced.

WUSC retains ownership of all materials resulting from the consultation.


  • Every member of the production team must have proven film production experience (A crew of no more than five people is recommended).
  • Vast expertise in producing documentaries about development work for organizations with the goal of engaging both local and international audiences.
  • Excellent technical capabilities for both sound and video (Full HD video or 4K video) to ensure high-quality production.
  • Must be tax compliant/produce a KRA PIN registration certificate.
  • Must share links of previous work done, “specifically documentaries.”

How to apply

  1. Applicants must submit the following:
  2. A technical proposal: a letter of interest outlining your company’s qualifications for the job.
  3. A company profile.
  4. Individual production crew members’ personal CVs highlighting qualifications and experience.
  5. Contact information for referees, who must be organizations for which you have produced films or documentaries.
  6. A financial proposal outlining the consultancy fee and a breakdown of production expenses (unit price plus any other costs).
  7. The technical and financial proposals must be no more than five pages

How to apply

WUSC will only accept email applications. Applications must be submitted no later than April 2, 2023.To apply, please follow this link

Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. No telephone calls

WUSC’s activities seek to balance inequities and create sustainable development around the globe; the work ethic of our staff, volunteers, representatives and partners shall correspond to the values and mission of the organization. WUSC promotes responsibility, respect, honesty, and professional excellence and we will not tolerate harassment, coercion, sexual exploitation or abuse of any form. Successful applicants will be required to undertake an enhanced criminal record check where appropriate.
WUSC is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities.

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