Consultant – Vector Control Guidance & Assessments at World Health Organization January, 2023

Purpose of consultancy

To contribute to in the implementation of the regional iniative against the spread of Anopheles stephensi, and to contribute to the development of vector control manuals and associated communication products. 


Output 1:  Facilitate components of the regional convening on An. stephensi in Ethiopia.

  • Deliverable 1.1: Draft report from the convening reviewed and edited to ensure consistency of language with other WHO meeting reports/documents. 
  • Deliverable 1.2: Final draft meeting report from consultation ready for editing and layout.

Output 2: Finalize an update of the WHO Operational Manual on IRS including expansion into the control of mosquitoes other than anophelines, including contributing to the consultation, production and translation processes.

  • Deliverable 2.1: Final draft manual in English ready for editing and layout.
  • Deliverable 2.2: Final manual in English ready for online publication (i.e. after overseeing and addressing issues identified during editing and layout).
  • Deliverable 2.3 French and Spanish translations initiated. 

Output 3: Contribute to the development of an educational video on IRS based on the revised manual.

  • Deliverable 3.1: Draft educational video in English ready for online publication.
  • Deliverable 3.2: Final educational video in English ready for online publication.

Output 4: Conduct a “deep dive” on the bionomics and control of Anopheles stephensi in Asia, with the aim of informing surveillance and control efforts for this invasive vector in Africa. 

  • Deliverable 4.1: PowerPoint presentation of the findings.
  • Deliverable 4.2: Final report.

Output 5: Country case-study on integrated vector control and surveillance to demonstrate the principles of the GVCR. 

  • Deliverable 5.1: PowerPoint presentation of the findings.
  • Deliverable 5.2: Final report.

Qualifications, experience, skills and languages.

Educational Qualifications:


  • Advanced university degree in medical entomology/vector control.


  • PhD university degree with specialisation in medical entomology/vector control.



  • At least 10 years of relevant experience in entomological research or evaluation of vector surveillance or vector control interventions.
  • Communication experience in the form of publications of scientific papers, case studies, strategies, manuals and reports related to vector control, as demonstrated by being a lead contributor on at least one major publication on a related topic in the last two years.
  • Proven experience in managing complex processes as demonstrated by the employment record and achievements made within it.


  • Demonstrated experience of implementing integrated vector control, particularly regarding Anopheles and Aedes vectors.
  • Demonstrated experience managing and analyzing data sets related to vector surveillance or the monitoring and evaluation of vector control interventions.   
  • Demonstrated experience in supporting WHO-led activities at country, regional or headquarter level, including for national and/or cross-border capacity building activities.
  • Familiarity with the WHO guidelines development process and the process for development of companion documents (e.g. practical manuals).
  • Experience of having worked in one or more malaria-endemic countries. 
  • Proven experience in literature review or case study development. 



  • Excellent writing skills and good presentation skills. 
  • Advanced computer literacy essential, at a minimum for Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

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